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Dear Friend:

Are you tired of trying to find a great hosting provider that won't overcharge? Are you fed up with fighting to get decent technical support? Wouldn't you rather focus on running your business than worry about your web hosting company?

Are any of the following statements true?

  • You are looking for hosting that is reliable yet flexible and easy to work with.
  • You want a hosting company that is stable and secure.
  • You want affordable web hosting.
  • You want free tools and information to help you succeed online.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you are at the right place... read on!

Jiffy Web Hosting provides worry-free web hosting services to customers who run web sites of all sizes. You can host your web site for as little as $7.00 US/month. Whether you want to host a simple information based site, or a more complex e-commerce solution with specialized applications, Jiffy Web Hosting can accomodate your needs.

We only offer one preset base hosting plan because our Primary Hosting Plan meets the needs of over 90% of our clients. Of course, if you are looking for more disk space or data transfer resources for your site, simply contact us and we'll create a custom plan just for you!

Our Primary Hosting Plan Includes:

100 MB of disk space (plenty for most users)
1 Gigabyte of data transfer (1024 Megabytes)

* Unlimited Email Accounts
* Unlimited Email Forwarding
* Unlimited Email Autoresponders
* Web Mail

* Unlimited Sub-domains (
* PHP 4.3.2
* Frontpage Extensions
* Unlimited MySQL Databases
* Cpanel Control Panel
* Fantastico (over 20 preset scripts
you can add to your site in just minutes)
* and lots more!

All for only $10.00 per month!
Contact Us to Order

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